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OOC: Because apparently dramatic irony is a thing I enjoy inflicting on this character, this thread involves the pre-canon Lieutenant Illyan, from a point in the middle of the trip that will change his life.

Lieutenant Simon Illyan of the Barrayaran Imperial Security service, being between wormhole jumps on the way to Illyrica, is taking a break. Since he's never been to this space station before, he doesn't notice the discontinuity between the outside of the door to the bar, and the inside of the bar he walks into.

He's traveling on official business but with orders to keep the trip quiet, which means not only that his ImpSec Horus eyes are packed securely in his luggage with the rest of his credentials, but also that his dress and posture are almost actively unmemorable. To an outside observer, he's a brown-haired young man (probably in his mid-20s) in plain civilian clothes, who might just be off work or might be on vacation. (To a trained observer, he probably looks like someone with military training trying to act like a civilian and mostly succeeding.)

He takes a seat at the bar and attempts to suppress the visible part of his surprise when the drink he was thinking about appears in front of him.

OOC: I won't be able to respond right away, but am open to multiple threads on this post, assuming this location and asynchronous communication works for others.
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[OOC: Takes place the morning after Simon's first trip to Milliways]

It is shortly after breakfast-time when Simon Illyan arrives at Vorkosigan House and is admitted by the armsman at the gate.

Once he got back to his study from Milliways, Simon recorded enough notes to be sure he would remember both his conversations and the people he met there. He would have preferred to contact Cordelia immediately afterward, but because he also wanted to talk to her in person, this morning visit is his compromise.

Inside the house, another armsman escorts Simon to the sitting room where Dowager Countess Vorkosigan is enjoying a cup of coffee.

"Good morning, Cordelia."


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